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About brandoscope
Sustainable Consumerism
Sustainable consumerism is brandoscope's starting point. This is consumption that

- satisfies the needs of consumers,
- is economically viable,
- protects the environment and saves resources and
- is socially responsible.

brandoscope lists companies that are working sustainably. Here is how it works.
Companies can register free of charge on brandoscope and submit information. This information includes the address, a short profile text, and search terms by which the company wants to be found on brandoscope. Information can also be submitted about the seals that the company and/or its products have received.
Sector of the Company
In order to make searching easier for the user, companies can select one or more relevant sectors of their business.
Seals are independent organisations that present guidelines in matters of sustainability and check for compliance with these guidelines. Only companies that verifiably stick to these guidelines are allowed to use the seal. The seal can relate to a single product of a company or to the whole company. Seals are also displayed on a profile page including an address and a short description. organisations that award seals can register on brandoscope free of charge.
Purpose of the Seal
Seals are assigned to one or more starting points of sustainable consumerism. Currently these are: health, environmental protection, organic farming, regional products, carbon reduction, fair labor conditions, social responsibility, anti-corruption, fair trade and animal protection.
A certification exists if an independent organisation awards a seal to a company confirming that the firm is complying with particular guidelines.

A certification is displayed on brandoscope if a company or a seal has registered the certification. It's also enough if brandoscope has reliable information about the certification. Information is considered as reliable if the seal is visible on the company's homepage or the company name is written on the seal's homepage.

We are happy to receive any information about companies, seals, and certifications. This information can be sent to brandoscope using the 'Add data' section.
brandoscope is available in ten languages. Companies and seals can submit their information in these languages, but they do not have to. If a company or seal only addresses users in one language area, it can submit the information in just this language.

brandoscope displays the information in the language selected by the user, insofar as it has been placed in this language by the company or the seal. Otherwise the information is displayed in one of the available languages. Certifications are displayed irrespective of the language selected by the user.
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